In a recent public address, the Minister of Communication, René Emmanuel Sadi, commended Cameroon Tribune for its unwavering professionalism and resilience in the face of challenging circumstances.

The minister highlighted the state-owned newspaper’s dedication to accurate reporting and its pivotal role in the nation’s media landscape.Speaking at a special ceremony held on June 30, 2024, to celebrate the newspaper’s achievements, Minister Sadi emphasized the importance of a free and professional press in fostering democracy and informed citizenry. He lauded Cameroon Tribune for consistently upholding journalistic standards and providing comprehensive coverage of national and international events.

“Cameroon Tribune has demonstrated exceptional resilience and professionalism, particularly during times of crisis. Their commitment to delivering accurate and unbiased news is commendable and essential for the development of our society,” stated Minister Sadi. The minister also acknowledged the challenges faced by journalists, including the risks associated with reporting in conflict zones and the pressures of the digital age. He assured the government’s support in ensuring the safety and well-being of media professionals.

Cameroon Tribune, established in 1974, has become a reputable source of news and information for the Cameroonian public. The newspaper has adapted to the evolving media landscape by embracing digital platforms while maintaining its print edition, thus reaching a broader audience.

In response to the minister’s remarks, the Editor-in-Chief of Cameroon Tribune expressed gratitude for the recognition and reiterated the publication’s commitment to journalistic integrity. “We are honored by the minister’s praise and remain dedicated to our mission of providing reliable news and serving the public interest,” she said.

This acknowledgment from the Ministry of Communication reinforces Cameroon Tribune’s position as a leading media outlet in Cameroon, committed to excellence in journalism and contributing to the nation’s development.


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