A wind of change is sweeping across the African Nations Championship as preparations for CHAN Kenya 2024 are underway. In a groundbreaking decision, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) has announced that any football player plying their trade on the continent will now be eligible to participate in the prestigious tournament, representing their respective countries.

« The most important thing is that African players be recognized and take part in the competition, » says CAF boss, Patrice MOSTEPE.

This move, which carries significant implications, aims to harness the talents of expatriate players and foster the development of the competition.

The decision to allow continental talents to compete in the African Nations Championship is expected to have far-reaching effects, particularly in terms of enhancing competitiveness.

In previous editions, only players who were active in their domestic leagues were eligible for selection.

This often gave a distinct advantage to North African countries, where the majority of players tend to stay within their local leagues, or even to the Democratic Republic of Congo, which boasts a wealth of homegrown talent.

By opening the doors to a wider pool of players from across the African continent, the Confederation of African Football hopes to provide a platform for these individuals to showcase their skills and make significant contributions to the growth of African football.

This decision not only levels the playing field but also offers an opportunity for the external talents to bring their qualitative experience to their national teams, injecting a new level of dynamism and expertise into the tournament.

As preparations for CHAN Kenya 2024 gain momentum, all eyes will be on the participating nations to see how this wind of change will shape the future of the African Nations Championship.

FRU William.


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