In line with the global observance of World Glaucoma Day on the 14th of March 2024 under the theme “Uniting for a Glaucoma free-world”, Acha Hospital in Bepanda, Douala, recently conducted a successful free glaucoma test campaign aimed at raising awareness about the importance of regular eye screenings and early intervention for glaucoma.

Glaucoma is a serious eye condition that can lead to irreversible blindness if left untreated, making early detection crucial for preventing vision loss. Dr. Awum Joyce Epse Teko Tekom, Medical practitioner at the Presbyterian Health Complex Acha, Bepanda – Douala, said, emphasizing the significance of identifying and treating glaucoma promptly to halt the progression of the disease.

Dr. Awum Joyce Epse Teko Tekom, Medical practitioner at the Presbyterian Health Complex Acha, Bepanda, Douala.

The free glaucoma test campaign at Acha Hospital saw a significant turnout of patients eager to benefit from the complimentary screening services provided by the dedicated medical staff. Individuals like Ngala Mary from Nkambe in the North West region recognized the importance of prioritizing their eye health and sought screening to address age-related vision concerns.

Dr. Awum, screening the eyes of an individual.

Leading up to World Glaucoma Day, various awareness campaigns were conducted to educate the public about the risks associated with untreated glaucoma. Dr. Awum, highlighted the symptomless nature of the disease, emphasizing the need for regular screenings to facilitate early diagnosis and treatment initiation.

Globally, vision impairment affects at least 2.2 billion people, with glaucoma being a leading cause of irreversible blindness. Despite the availability of interventions, a significant percentage of individuals with vision impairment due to refractive errors and cataracts lack access to appropriate treatments.

Dr. Awum screening the eyes of a media personality.

The success of the free glaucoma test campaign at Acha Hospital underscores the positive impact of proactive healthcare initiatives in the community. By offering accessible screening services and promoting awareness of the importance of regular eye check-ups, medical professionals are playing a crucial role in safeguarding the vision and well-being of individuals at risk of glaucoma.

As the world commemorated World Glaucoma Day and continues to raise awareness about this sight-threatening condition, it is essential for individuals to prioritize their eye health. Regular screenings, early detection, and timely treatment are key components in the battle against glaucoma and in ensuring optimal eye health for all. By taking proactive steps to protect their vision, individuals can contribute to reducing the prevalence of vision impairment and blindness associated with glaucoma.


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