Cameroon’s Indomitable Lions head coach, Rigobert Song Bahanag, has been honored in Bamako, Mali, by a stadium baptized in his name.

Song was invited by Makan Magassouba, a prominent figure in Malian sports affairs, to attend the inauguration of a brand new sports and leisure center, where one of the playing fields has been named after him.

The inauguration ceremony which took place on the 2nd of December 2023, brought together several African football legends, including Khalilou Fadiga of Senegal.

The presence of the revered figures served as a testament to their enduring impact on the sport and their contribution to African football as a whole.

Rigobert SONG has had an illustrious career as a player and now as a coach. He is widely regarded as one of Cameroon’s greatest football icons, having represented the Indomitable Lions in four FIFA World Cups (1994, 1998, 2002, 2010) and earning 137 caps for his country.

It is worth mentioning, the dedication of a playing field in his name is a fitting tribute to his outstanding achievements and his unwavering commitment to the sport. It serves as a reminder of his enduring legacy and the inspiration he continues to provide to young footballers across the continent.

During the inauguration ceremony, Song expressed his gratitude for the recognition, stating, « I am truly honored to have been invited to Bamako, in Mali, by my brother and friend, Makan Magassouba for the inauguration of the malian leisure centre (football), Foot Loisir SARL of which one of the stadia bair my name. Thank you for this honor. »

Note, the sports and leisure center in Bamako is expected to become a hub for sports development and a catalyst for nurturing young talent in Mali. With the presence of renowned football figures like Song and Fadiga, it is hoped that the center will inspire and motivate the next generation of football stars in the country.


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