Elements of the forces of law and order in the nation’s economic hub, Douala, say they have arrested a man and two women believed to be part of a network of baby trafficking, operating in the South region of the country.

The presumed kidnappers were arrested in a Douala on Monday, October 16th, barely 24 hours after they committed their act in the costal city of Kribi, South region of Cameroon.

According to sources, the suspects were caught in the same quarter in Douala where the stolen baby’s mother and her boyfriend currently reside.

It is not immediately clear why they found themselves in the same neighborhood, but pieces of information gathered, have it that, their  arrest was rendered possible thanks to collaboration between police officers from Kribi and their colleagues in Douala.

Recovered safe and sound from the hands of the kidnappers, the little one-year-old Anzie Paulette Darty was kidnapped last Sunday October 15th, in Kribi in the absence of her mother. 

Some eyewtinesses narrate that she left the baby at home and went to the local mortuary for the corpse removal of her sister.

Presently, the major cities in the nation have been witnessing kidnappings for ransom and as it stands, individuals are called upon to watch out given the fact that, the festive period is at the corner.

FRU William


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