Cameroon is once again at the top, but this time in the science sector. A US based Cameroonian is awarded the Edward A. Bouchet Award of the American Society of Physics.

By name Pr. Alvine Kahama, of the University of California, she has been awarded the prestigious Bouchet Award.

This is in a bid, to compensate her for her much put efforts in research initiatives in Physics and  as a black individual.

The Bouchet Award is one which promotes the participation of underrepresented minorities in physics by identifying and recognizing a distinguished minority physicists who have made significant contributions to physics research and the advancement of underrepresented minority scientists.

It was installed in honour to Edward Alexander Bouchet who was born in 1876 and made history by becoming the first African American PhD physicist, and the sixth person of any race to receive a PhD in physics from an American university. 

According to reports, he went on to educate and inspire others as a science teacher at a school for black students.

As Alvine Kahama receives the award, she sounds the alarm for others interested in making it big in sciences to keep up the great work they are putting in so far.

FRU William


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