The Local Youth Corner and stakeholders in Cameroon, on Wednesday the 13th of December, came together in Douala for a one-day dialogue session aimed at advancing youth participation in peacebuilding.

Presided over by the Littoral Regional Delegate for Youths and Civic Education, Terrestra NANG, the session was part of the Youth Organizations’ Upraised Network for Growth and Peace Project, funded by the European Union and implemented by Local Youth Cameroon in collaboration with Search for Common Ground and the Cameroon National Youth Council.

This workshop organized by youth leaders, provided an opportunity for stakeholders from various sectors, including the government, UN agencies, international organizations, civil society organizations, traditional and religious leaders, to exchange ideas and experiences on promoting youth involvement in peacebuilding.

During the dialogue session, stakeholders made presentations and engaged in open reflection sessions, discussing the challenges faced and the potential opportunities for youth participation in peacebuilding. Their involvement allowed for a comprehensive understanding of the obstacles and possibilities of engaging youth in peacebuilding initiatives.

Terrestra NANG, stressed on the fact that everyone in the society has something to contribute. Adding that, youths are all important for its growth and development, despite their social class, background and fields of competence. They should always strive to be productive and seek to positively impact their society.

It is worth mentioning, the main objective of the dialogue was to foster collaboration and cooperation among different sectors to develop effective strategies for promoting youth involvement in building sustainable peace. By bringing together stakeholders from various backgrounds, the session aimed to create a platform for further reflection on current and future engagement of youth in peacebuilding efforts.

Furthermore, the dialogue sought to enhance stakeholders’ knowledge of the different global instruments related to the Youth Peace and Security Agenda and to promote and support youth-led initiatives in peacebuilding.


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